Day 2 & 3, Buenos Aires

January 20-21

After a “short walk” across the city (we would quickly learn that Tomas’ definition of “short walk” drastically varied from ours),  FOVISEE and WWB staff members, Laura Brudnick and Paula Stella, met our group in the lobby of the Infinity hotel. There, they lectured us on the vision and mission of the program, their past accomplishments, and the difficulties that the project currently faces.
 On the 21st, we returned to the Infinity hotel, to recieve technical weatherization training and familiarize ourselves with the equipment. Paula and Laura stressed the necessity of clear and open communication with the home owners.  After the day’s lecture, we divided into three groups to conduct mock energy audits and practice the procedure of inquiry and data collection, before we implemented our weatherization training in the field the following day.
Sometimes, learning such professional and technological details seemed overwhelming; however, Lauren and Paula were very open to answer our questions and to share their experiences. I asked them, “How can we, students who have no technical skills, make change?” They answered that one of their biggest struggles as a non-profit organization is promoting the project. As they recognized the significance of the effective social media use, they asked me for advice in effectively navigating social media. That was such a great opportunity to listen to their struggles and experiences because through the interaction, we could figure out what we can really do besides just experience the project.


– Written by Yoko Taguchi, Video by Braxton Keo

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