Media Manifesto, H. Akasu

Hideto Akasu

Be Active People

We are trapped into the gap between two different societies

The digital world got away from the real world in 1990s

The dominance of the internet always gives us this anxiety

That over-flooding of information shows we no longer have our privacy

But hey, look, why we ain’t get profit out of this digital world?

Why only selected elites enjoy their privilege while our view gets twirled?

Now is the time for revolution, my friend!

Domination in the digital world has to end!

We gotta walk together toward the dream of democracy

So that we can gather our power to bring forth equality

Mahatma Gandhi, never stopped his battle for liberty

but he wasn’t the only revolutionary trying to defeat difficulty

people, the causes were people

people, the changes were people

people, the heroes were people

and we all know that we are the people

Wanna know what’s going on in the world? Just look it up.

Wanna talk about some social issues with somebody? Just bring it up.

Wanna express how you feel about your life? Just write it up.

We can change the real society if we can change how we participate in the digital society

Sit down on your chair. Open your laptop. Participate a bit more actively.

That’s the only way and that’s how we do, seriously.

People—Sit down for your fight. Stand up for your right.

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