The Bad Kids

SOKA COMMUNITY CINEMA PRESENTS INDIE LENS POP-UP - THE BAD KIDSDate: 02.23.2017Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pmLocation: Pauling 216Located in an impoverished Mojave Desert community, Black Rock Continuation High School is an alternative school for students at risk of dropping out; Black Rock is their last chance. Extraordinary educators believe that empathy and life skills,… Continue reading The Bad Kids

Capitalism & Globalization

Proposal for Independent StudyProfessor Tomás Crowder-TaraborrelliCapitalism and GlobalizationThis course explores philosophical traditions that seek to explain the relationship between commerce and ethics. Economic theories often deal with the political organization of society, the distribution of wealth, and the rights of all individuals to lead a healthy and happy life. Thus, in most cases, economists and… Continue reading Capitalism & Globalization