Day 7, Campana

January 27, 2016

Four team members returned to Campana to record more voices from the house owners for our documentary. After a weekend of reflection and consideration, the audio/visual team had generated more specific questions for the home owners,  and returned to the field to collect more detailed stories from the families as well as their reactions to this project.  Two of those students later visited Monica’s house and helped Paula sand the roof to facilitate the painting that would occur after stay. The sanding roof team finished one third of the whole ceiling and interacted amiably   with Monica’s family. Although we could stay in Campana only for three hours, we collected the materials necessary for our documentary and completed some difficult but fulfilling work.


This marked our final day of working in Campana, and I felt strange feelings when I was leaving the neighborhood. Either because we had just four members this time, or because I was feeling something similar to nostalgia, today’s Campana was quiet, and even serene. Also, I could stop feeling some kind of confusion of leaving there in the middle of the work. Who will finish sanding the ceiling? Who will recollect the garbage in Daniela’s garden after we left? Thinking about those things, I was overwhelmed by the necessity of enduring involvement of this project. Compared with the amount of effort and work by the volunteers in Campana, I feel that what I have done is too little to call as work. However, I have learned something from this three days of working in Campana. There must be something that I can do. On the way back to Buenos Ares, I have been wondering, what I can do, what I can do to continue working with the organization, the volunteers and the families?


-Written by Yoko Taguchi

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