Media Manifesto, E.Park

Elissa Park

Free Our Digital Voices

I no longer believe that we live in a world where technology can be avoided. It is the tool an endless amount of people, men and women from every corner of the world, utilize to do a countless number of things. A new era has begun; the era of digital culture.

I no longer believe that communication can only be properly done through face to face contact. Media has become the tool people use to effectively voice what they need to say. It has become the platform people seek for acceptance, discussion, participation, and knowledge. This platform has brought out various different expressions from different people. Due to the wide variety of networkers, many are shunned and terrorized for expressing their opinions and beliefs. I believe everyone has a right to their own voice; they should be able to type and say whatever they want to in a free and open environment.

There should be no fear of judgment or criticism.

I believe that free speech in the 21st century translates to a safe space for people to voice their opinions on the media. Because of the global expansion of technology, there are large groups of people who will agree with a single opinion. You no longer have to be afraid of being the black sheep in a field filled with a thousand white sheep. I know that when you say something that is not accepted by a group of people, you have the potential to be cyber bullied. It is a reoccurring theme in the digital realm, but I want there to be reform in the culture online.

As a daily user of media, you should protect the users along with yourself. If we form a community where voices can be heard, there is a higher potential for media to further develop into a tool that can be used for reform.

We must examine the digital realm; examine the limits that have been placed by large corporations, the government, and even societal norms. We have been taught to criticize those who do not conform, but we can no longer behave like this. We must band together, we are no longer separate and different. Through a computer screen we are not black, we are not white, and we are not this religion or that religion.

We are one and we each have a voice.

It should not be suppressed. This is not an issue that will change overnight, but with the union of the masses, we have a chance to reform this deep seated issue.

I want to live in a world where I am unafraid to say what I want to say.

A world where no matter what I believe in I have a community whom I can turn to.

What kind of world do you want to live in?

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