Media Manifesto, C. Lavigne

The Match and Spark of Media- Manifesto

Cassidy Lavigne

The internet: An online collection of information, communication, news, opinions, databases, and an infinite space of opportunity. Media is a match that sparks opportunity for change, debate, and reform. But playing with fire can cause destruction and devastation. The internet is a free place. A place where the people are free to comment, respond, and share their opinions and views all over the world. If that free place is taken away- there is no spark, and no opportunity. So, the people of the internet take that risk of starting a wildfire, in order to get an initial spark.

People are innovators who are constantly changing and evolving with technology- constantly improving and changing for better. The internet sparks change in democracy. It is a blank canvas where the world can write their ideas. It is a world in itself that lives unbounded between space and time. Every voice has the opportunity to be heard by their government, and the government has the responsibility, and duty, to listen.

In a democracy, it is not the right of the government to grant the people freedom of the media, it is given to the people as a human right. The people have the right to all information about their government. Just as the people have the right to post and communicate about their government-good or bad. The media is part of freedom of speech, and the right to know about their government and its actions. Media is a bridge of communication between the government and the people, and vice versa. Without the bridge, there is nothing- only a gap.

The main challenge between democracy and the internet is not everyone has access to it. While some people cannot afford the internet and have total freedom to use it, others do not. In order to make the internet the most democratic, it has to be available to everyone, and furthermore be subject to constant changes by all people, not just those with power. But like all power, small or large, it has to possibility of being manipulated. This manipulation of opinions and information should be taken seriously, as it is easily corrupted, and thereby becomes the spark that sets ablaze a bridge of communications.

Equal representation is a key element in democracy. How does every person-every group- get a fair say in the media? The internet is a place for everyone from everywhere- a constant global network for voices to be heard. If the group or individual doesn’t have a voice, they have to make a spark using the media to make a name for themselves. True- higher agencies have power to manipulate this spark and prevent equality, all opinions have the power to manipulate on the internet. Equal representation starts from a spark, and usually creates a wildfire. It is the risk of playing with fire that groups and individuals must take when trying to create more light.

The internet, media, and technology are constantly improving. There are many positive things to come with the internet and its ability to be changed and commented by all. The world has an area that breaks the wall between space and time. The possibilities are, and continuing to grow to be endless. It is an opportunity for everyone to connect from everywhere, and in the future, hopefully the access will be more available. Although all opinions may not have cohesion and the internet has dark areas, it is important to find the balance of regulation. This regulation, although necessary for some circumstances, will have a huge impact in the future of publicizing on the internet.

Internet access and the ability to get information and knowledge from the media is a human right, not a privilege. The media is the spark for opportunity to initiate changes with the risk of causing a wildfire. If there is no match, no spark, then there is no change- and the incredible opportunity that the internet has given people, groups, and communities, is lost.

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