Soka Education Conference

Workshop: Soka Education Today – Exploring Value Creation in Documentary Film
February 15th, 2015
Pauling 430
2:30 p.m.

Jennifer Hayashi (SUA Class of 2014) and Tomas Crowder-Taraborrelli (SUA Visiting Professor of Latin American Studies)

Workshop Summary

The purpose of this workshop is to understand and expand Soka Education in the field of video documentary. Today we use video just as much if not more than we do written text, making it necessarily to expand Soka Education and consider its meaning in relation to video. This workshop aims to address how Makiguchi´s notion of value creation and community studies relates to video, specifically documentary film.

In this workshop we will explore concepts and short video clips in order to better understand how we can understand Soka Education in this generation.

Jennifer Hayashi graduated with SUA’s class of 2014 this past May. While studying at SUA she was a part of SESRP and served as a study leader her junior year. She studied abroad in Ecuador and focused her senior capstone on documentary film and hip-hop, as a means of value creation and community transformation. Immediately after graduating she returned to Ecuador to continue pursuing her path as an independent filmmaker. She recently successfully funded a Kickstarter project and is currently working on the documentary, The Roots Awaken. It is about a modern gathering of ancestral wisdom with leaders from Canada to Patagonia that took place in Ecuador. Her research interests include Soka education, humanistic education, community cinema, transformative arts, and modern indigenous cultures.

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