Photo Essays

These photographs are chosen to showcase a few student’s experiences during time spent abroad in numerous locations in, and outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Katy’s Photo Essay
I chose these photos because they will remind me of all the feelings and thoughts I do not want to forget about this experience in the years to come. I want to share these photos with you, so you can see what I saw and so you can understand just how incredible the summer sky is below the equator, or how the graffiti becomes art… so you can see what is means for me to be alive in this crazy, artistic, and beautiful world. 

Alex’s Photo Essay

My goal when coming to Buenos Aires was to really obtain a feel and understanding of the architecture. I wanted to capture the diversity I’d heard about, and I wanted to highlight the contrast of new and old, traditional and modern. What was surprising, though, was how I couldn’t even pay attention to the architecture as I was fascinated by the people and culture, and infatuated with the street art. I found utter bliss within the use of color everywhere we went, from the buildings to the sidewalk, and the absolute emotion and energy that perpetuated from the people on the streets. I hoped to capture the vibrations of the color, and the emotion of the souls I shot on camera. What follows are what I produced from such inspiration.

Adobe/Studio Photos:

A compilation of photos from our work site, check out our progress!

Cultural and Architectural Photos: 

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