Favorite movies I’ve seen…lately

Friends always ask me what are some of my favorite films I’ve seen in the last few months. So here is a list of must see movies!

1. Catfish. As good as Grey Gardens? Not really, but pretty freaking cool.
2. Inside Job. First forty or so minutes are a very technical descriptions of the economic meltdown, or the biggest economic heist of the last fifty years. The second part, is an expose of all the crooks that have left millions of Americans unemployed and homeless. Love the parts where ivy league academics are caught with their pants down. Priceless!
3. Jean Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child. A great portrait of an amazing artist. Made me want to listen to bebop every waking hour. Every young American should see this film. It teaches you about racism, discrimination, and the arrogance of art critics who are compelled to turn every creative spirit into a commodity.
4.Aftermath, The Remnants of War: One of the most chilling documentations I’ve seen of the apocalyptic effects of Agent Orange on the Vietnamese people. More surreal, nauseating and brutal, than David Lynch’s Eraserhead.
5. Darwin’s Nightmare. Oh boy, after watching this doc all I wanted to do is sit down by myself at the dinner table and drink a whole bottle of Jameson.
6. Joan Rivers, piece of work. At times, I admire the work ethic of Joan Rivers, her acid humor and her ability to perform empathy. Other times, I despise her resentment, materialism, egocentrism and blind faith in fame. An accurate portrait of our good old U.S.A.
7. The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. A Samson and Goliath story in the bizzarre world of classic video games. An honest, slightly autistic, family man faces the dark forces of the mafia that determines who holds the dubious honor of being the record holder of Donkey Kong. The most bizarre and charismatic collection of characters since Seinfeld.
8. The Pat Tillman Story. When the fog of war disperses what you see is the corruption of politicians, military officers and executives of the industrial military complex.

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