Naturalezas en Conflicto, Cine Campesino (2004)

Cine Campesino is a collective committed to bringing Latin American films to rural areas, where viewing films is limited to Hollywood action films in English with Spanish subtitles that audiences cannot read. The first project of the collective was to complement the work of the Un Mundo, the NGO that sponsored Cine Campesino, by developing a space for conflict resolution through the exhibition of films. Cine Campesino and Un Mundo organized the first traveling film festival in the region, hiring school buses to transport hundred of campesinos to the soccer field were we projected the films. Later that week, members of the collective led video production workshops with students teaching them how to produce their first films. This event was part of the collective’s first documentary Cine Campesino (2002). Natures in Conflict (2004) the second documentary, questions the tourist’s gaze at the Honduran jungle, and shows how campesinos(rural subsistence farmers) have sometimes “destroyed” their environment to provide their families with the means of survival. 

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