San Diego Maquiladora Solidarity Network

The San Diego Maquiladora Workers’ Solidarity Network ties together people in the nation’s largest border town who want to build an alliance between working people across that border. We believe that US and other multinational corporations operating factories in Tijuana and other maquiladora cities have no right to pay poverty wages, require pregnancy tests of their workers, pollute with impunity, and repress unions. We believe that union and other workers in the US will be crippled as long as they are cut off from their co-employees abroad. And we believe that there is no better place to start solving these global problems than locally.

The Network stays in close touch with workers in Tijuana and other cities fighting for their rights. We contribute to their struggles in ways that they agree upon, using the leverage that we have as residents of the home country of many of their employers. We write letters, send emails, bring workers to San Diego to tell their stories, and we organize protests and pickets. We bring attention to abuses that corporations would prefer to keep from a US audience. We are union members, students, public health advocates, environmentalists, church people and others working toward alliances with all grassroots organizations that share an interest in our work.

We meet once a month, and meetings are open to all. Anyone can join our Network by participating in our events, coming to meetings, getting on our email list, or all of the above. Please join us, and help us spread our Network throughout San Diego. Help Tijuana ’s factory workers win justice today, and help us unleash the power of workers united across borders tomorrow.

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