Daisaku Ikeda, Sustainable development

Education for Sustainable Development (2002)

A Quiet Revolution–“The Challenge of Global Empowerment: Education for a Sustainable Future”
(Written at the time of the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development)

The Need for Change

More than ten years have passed since the holding of the Earth Summit in Brazil, an event that sparked sharply increased awareness of the need to protect the global environment. Since then, the term “sustainable development” has become an integral part of our vocabulary, and on certain fronts progress has been made. Overall, however, the agreements reached in Rio have not been kept and the progress that has been made is not keeping pace with the degradation of Earth’s life systems. It is clear that we cannot permit this situation to continue further into the twenty-first century.

Resolving this crisis will require the commitment of more knowledge, technology and funds. But what is even more fundamentally lacking in my view are such intangible elements as a sense of solidarity and common purpose with our fellow inhabitants of Earth, and a real sense of responsibility toward future generations.

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