Stanford Film Lab – Filmmaker

Here we invite our guest filmmakers and artists to write a few words about the medium of documentary film:

“If film has the ability to change people’s hearts and minds, then documentary filmmaking is truly a powerful weapon because it deals with reality.  Although I antically made ‘Piece By Piece’ for graffiti writers, I quickly realized that the movie has a far greater impact on those that know nothing about graffiti.  If people walk away from a film with a new insight or motivation to learn more about the subject matter, then I feel like documentary has done its job.”

-Nic Hill, director of “Piece by Piece”
“You really don’t know where you are in life until you sit down for a tete-a-tete with a group- bordering-on-a-crowd of undergrads who live as Gods; as young, healthy minds and bodies in an Eden of voluptuous woods and thick, clean air where their lives are housed in palatial structures. At the end of my visit to Palo Alto, I felt as any mortal would who had danced in such surroundings and lived to tell of it — damn lucky…
My visit included a seated-Q and A session in the afternoon and a screening of the film “The Cruise” in the evening that was followed by a standing-Q and A with the crowd of kids who had just watched it.  The themes covered in both sessions were varied dances around the fires of disillusionment’s purposes, illuminating mundane, and uniting discontent with joy.  There was five tons of laughter…
Many of the students were poets, others were cinephiles, and I’m sure many other specialties were represented in the room that I didn’t have the chance to discover. I’m not sure exactly what we all shared but I am sure we all shared something.”
Timothy Speed Levitch, “The Cruise”

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